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Why People Buy 20.5r25 Tyres from Us

If you work in the construction or mining industries, you no doubt rely on your heavy machinery and vehicles daily. Unfortunately, while such equipment is crucial to your job, the costs of maintenance and repairs can soon add up. Of course, you …read more.

Why You Should Buy 23.5r25 Tyres Instead of the Bias Alternative

Every business needs to minimise expenditure wherever possible without compromising on the quality of its services or products to remain profitable and competitive, but if you work in the construction industry, you have no choice but …read more.

Radial vs. Bias: Which Loader, OTR, and ADT Tyres in Perth Should You Choose?

Working in the construction industry in Perth can be challenging for countless reasons, such as the need to stick to strict deadlines and ensure all buildings are safe and comply with the relevant standards. However, thanks to OTR and ADT …read more.

Top Tips for Choosing and Maintaining Loader, ADT, and OTR Tyres in Sydney

Sydney, despite its already immense size, is still growing at a relatively rapid pace, meaning new constructions are required continuously. If you work in the building industry and have a company with a solid reputation, you have an …read more.

TfiTyres Offers 11R22.5 Tyres for Sale

When you’re looking to buy 11R22.5 tyres for your equipment that offer both quality and a competitive price, you should visit a TfiTyres distributor today. We carry numerous brands of 11r22.5 tyres in all our locations across Australia …read more.

Need a Tyre Upgrade? Find 14.00R 25, 23.5R 25, and 17.5R 25 Tyres Suitable for Your Work

Essential industries often require particular equipment. Whether you work in civil construction, a quarry, a mine or at a port, you’ve probably become comfortable with seeing certain vehicles that aren’t used elsewhere. However, how much do you …read more.

Need 255/70R22.5 Tyres? Find Them for Sale from TfiTyres

If you are looking for dependable truck tyres in Australia, look no further than TfiTyres. We offer an extensive range of high quality truck tyres in a variety of sizes. We can help you find precisely the tyre you need, whether you are looking …read more.

Buy Some of the Best 26.5r25 Tyres for Sale in Australia

26.5r25 tyres are the standard when it comes to heavy duty machinery. These tyres come in a variety of styles for a broad range of purposes. The XL Grip (IND3) for example has silica based tread with a heavy casing and deep tread grooves that …read more.

Find the Right 265/70R19.5 Tyres for Sale with the Right Tread Pattern: Shop with TfiTyres Today

Shopping for truck tyres is no easy task. First, you need to know the tyre size you require. Next, you need to know what kind of tread pattern is best for your driving applications. Finally, you need to think about factors such as PR (ply …read more.

Get Responsive Assistance and Advice When Looking for 275/70R22.5 Tyres for Sale from TfiTyres

Perhaps you oversee buying new supplies for a large national trucking company in Australia. Alternatively, maybe you are an independent owner-operator, and are looking to purchase a replacement set of tyres after a recent blowout on the …read more.

Find 295 75r22 5 Tyres for Sale in Australia

For newer operators of earthmoving vehicles, the tyres that you choose may not seem particularly important considerations. You might spend more time thinking about other aspects of your vehicle. Maybe you pay the most attention to safety …read more.

315 80r22 5 Tyres for Sale, and How to Buy Yours from a Company You Can Trust

There are many vehicles available out there, and thankfully many of them use similar parts. However, most earthmoving vehicles are in a different category entirely. As such, you should consider each component carefully before you commit …read more.

Find 385/65R22.5 Tyres for Sale at Competitive Wholesale Prices

You need a new set of tyres for your truck. You know exactly what type of tyre, what size of tyre and what kind of tread pattern you require. The next step is finding the tyre you need at the best price possible …read more.

Buy High Quality 966 Loader Tyres for Sale

Commercial work such as construction and mining is hard on vehicles, especially tyres. Rough and uneven terrain filled with seen and unseen obstructions can wreak havoc on machinery. 966 loader tyres are durable and damage resistant, allowing …read more.

980 Loader Tyres for Sale: Where to Buy

There are a few things to consider when deciding where to buy 980 Loader tyres. The brand is obviously a substantial factor, but so is the tyre company where you buy them. You want a company with staff that knows tyres like nobody else. You …read more.

Equip Your Operations for Continued Success When You Buy Earthmover Tyres for Sale in Brisbane from TfiTyres

Mining sites and quarries present no shortage of obstacles and dangers to the vehicles that must navigate their rough terrain. Not only does the rugged landscape present challenges in moving from place to place, but it also brings …read more.

Looking for Earthmover Tyres for Sale in Melbourne? Buy the Ideal Match for Your Equipment from TfiTyres

A successful construction project demands precision in all areas, from planning and logistics to the actual building of a new structure. Problems that can disrupt the timetable can and do occur, but the way a project responds to these unexpected …read more.

Buy Rugged Earthmover Tyres for Sale in Sydney

Loaders and excavators are heavy duty machines that require the right earthmover tyres to operate at maximum efficiency. If you have a Sydney based construction or mining company, we have what you need to keep your machines moving through even …read more.

Let TfiTyres supply your OTR tyres in Brisbane

Big trucks require just the right tyre. The wrong kind of tyre might not only slow down your project or your work schedule but also damage your equipment. That’s not the kind of risk any company can afford to take. In Brisbane, there is one company …read more.

TfiTyres is your best choice for mining tyre suppliers

Heavy duty vehicles look tough but even rugged trucks require tender loving care. Equipment such as articulated dump trucks, loaders and wheeled excavators have specialised tyre needs. The mining industry counts on having its fleet up and …read more.

Find OTR Tyres for Sale in Australia and Take Your Work Practically Anywhere

It may seem that certain conditions are simply beyond your vehicle no matter how well you service and maintain it. You might keep your ECU mapped, your headlights polished and the tread on your tyres fresh—but you could still find your route …read more.

Where to find the right OTR tyres in Melbourne

Your heavy equipment has specific tyre needs. Dump trucks, graders, wheeled excavators, and loaders need just the right tyre. You want to find a quality product at a competitive price. Not always easy if you don’t know where to look …read more.

Truck Tyres for Sale in Perth: Buy from the Best

When you buy truck tyres in Perth, you want assurances that not only are you getting the right tyre for your truck but that the tyre comes to you from a reputable company with a track record of excellent service. TfiTyres has spent …read more.