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Cutting Edge Earthmover Tyres for a Range of Applications

BKT Earthmover Tyres

Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT) spends a considerable amount of time and effort on both research and development, allowing their engineers to formulate state-of-the-art earthmoving tyres.

The key reason BKT Tyres are globally competitive is the superior level of engineering talent and innovation they represent. Over the years, BKT’s dedicated team of engineers have taken on the task of designing and manufacturing superior tyres to both keep up with and exceed the fast industry pace.

With the help of a precise and complex planning system, BKT is developing new tyre sizes every year. Having established its brand image through quality products and after-sales service, BKT enjoy an enviable reputation around the world.

BKT has a dedicated outdoor testing facility at ISMA, Italy with all test conducted on strict international regulations. Their tyre testing and evaluation experts also seek constant feedback from the market, allowing them to achieve continuous improvement.

TY Earthmoving Tyres

TY has been a leader in the development and production of earthmover solid cushion tyres for over 40 years. They were the first company to design, manufacture and distribute the unique Side-Wall Aperture Structure Soft-Riding Solid tyre and are now one of the most advanced industrial tyre manufacturers in the world.

In order to be continually improving on quality, TY’s ISO 9001 rated facility is committed to researching and developing earthmoving tyres in various applications by finding the ideal compound for each environment. This level of innovation has kept TY miles ahead of their competitors.

TY produces a large variety of industry specific tyres to fit a wide range of machines and operating conditions, from industries spanning mining, construction, terminal handling, aviation, waste and warehousing. With some help from our highly trained staff, you will be sure to find the ideal tyre for your individual application within this range.